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How to solve Wifi Toggle switch Grayed Out Problem

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Hey friends today’s topic is about solving minor issue which arrives with many laptops. And you may also have faced this issue. So here is the solution for the problem. But as you know not every problem has the same solution so we will try all the options to solve the issue.

1. Check for wifi switch if it is turned off

Many laptop brands are there and every brand have their own hardware configuration so check for hardware switch like in below picture.

All Hardware switches available in Laptops

2. Troubleshoot network problem

  • Step 1:- Right Click on network icon on Taskbar.
  • Step 2:- Click-> Troubleshoot
    Windows will check for problems and try to resolve automatically.
Steps to troubleshhot

3. Reinstall Wireless Driver

  • Go to Device Manager -> Network Adapters
  • Network Adapters ->Find Wireless Adapter Driver(802.11n keyword is similar in maximum laptops)
  • Right Click on wireless Driver -> Uninstall
  • Now Right Click on Network Adapters -> Scan For Hardware Changes.
  • It will automatically install required Wireless driver.
  • If driver not installed automatically then try downloading by USB Tethering and Install

4. Update Device Driver (Wireless Driver)

  • Download latest driver from your laptops official website and update driver software.

5. Battery Removal

  • Shut down your laptop
  • Remove laptop’s Battery
  • Press Power button for 15 Seconds
  • Insert Battery
  • Press Power Button to Boot

6. Resetting BIOS Final Option/Step

  • If all the above Option fails then try Resetting Laptops BIOS in some cases it works like a charms.

Watch Below video to understand the process clearly

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